Justine Limpus Parish – Educator, fashion designer, illustrator, art director,  and author.

Faculty Director: Sewing Lab

Full time Associate Professor at Art Center College of Design:

Wearables & Soft Goods Design Series -Product Design Dept.

Costume Design – Entertainment Design Dept.

Blog – http://www.accdwearables.wordpress.com



Justine Limpus Parish has worked extensively in the Los Angeles and San Francisco fashion industries as a fashion illustrator, fashion designer, educator, art director and published author.  She holds a BFA in Painting & Drawing, is author/illustrator of her own E-Book series “Drawing Fashion” available on lulu.com , and has written a regular illustrated article series for Belle Armoire Magazine entitled “Inspired by Design”.   She also teaches workshops at Disney Consumer Products

Parish was creator of and first Fashion Department Chair at the Academy of Art University, Art Director for Liberty House of California, and Curator of “Opulent Splendor” artwear exhibition at Brand Library Art Gallery 2005.  Parish’s designs and illustrations appear in the following publications: “Artwear: Fashion & Anti-Fashion”, “Fabric Artistry” by Singer, “Color with Style” by Donna Fujii.    Her signature collection of Shibori hand pleated clothing was sold nationally through specialty boutiques and galleries. She is a member the Costume Society of America, past President of the Wearable Art Connection of Southern California and is on College Fashion Advisory Councils.



ABOUT COMMENTS – I am sorry if your comment does not appear.  I realized that WordPress is filtering out comments it is not sure about.  If you wish to contact me please feel free, but please make your request specific to this blog.  thanks,  Justine


13 Responses to About

  1. Judith Baer says:

    Hi Justine,
    Very Nice Blog! So glad that things are going so great for you.

    • Sharon McNary in the KPCC newsroom says:

      Hi Justine — I’m planning to dye yarn reclaimed from thrift store sweaters using instructions from the YouTube video Dyepot Confidential http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dAPn2WT4lJg
      I’m looking for an inexpensive source for about five different colors of Jacquard acid dye powder or something comparable.

      Can you direct me to a good local source? I’m trying to avoid buying things retail this year, so somebody who wants to sell leftovers or a small part of a larger supply would be most interesting.

      Hope your work is going well,

      Sharon McNary

  2. Aparajita Raj says:

    Hi Justine,

    Your blog is great. liked it a lot. I am a Fashion Design student and your blog helped me in a few things (painting Organza). Thankful towards you.
    Hope to hear from you soon.


  3. Brandon says:

    Hello Miss Parish,

    Did you get my email about the text book you’re working on?



  4. Carmen Lorente says:

    Justine: I saw your video of the Antonio Lopez workshop at Altos de Chavon. I am a graduate of the school and have been working with them for 20 years. I can tell you the magic and energy in your video still exists today. Feel free to check our Facebook page about our upcoming Interim program: https://www.facebook.com/programasespecialesadc

    Thanks for sharing that video!

  5. art-dept.com says:

    Dear Justine, I don’t know if you remember me but I was among the students that took that last Antonio workshop. My name is Carlos Aponte. Besides taking the drawing lessons from Antonio I was part of a group that continued to draw during the evening. That workshop changed my life forever. Antonio became my guiding light and inspiration. I moved to New York and became an illustrator. Tonight I’ll be receiving an award in behalf of Juan and Antonio given by CIELO ( http://cielolatino.org ) I did a search of Antonio in Altos de Chavon and found your video. Thank you so much for posting that, it brought me great memories of those two weeks in Dominic Republic. I’m thrilled you are doing well and educating students. I teach at FIT in New York. My fashion work just appeared in New Icons of Fashion Illustration by Toni Glenville. The book just came out. I would love to hear from you when you have the opportunity.


    Carlos Aponte

    • Hi Carlos, good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed the video. I just posted it last year. That workshop changed my life as well, and the way I teach. Great you are teaching at FIT and congratulations on the book and your award.

  6. Lauren Morrison says:

    Hi i’m Lauren a GCSE student doing art and textiles,for my module i need to know a bit about the artist that inspired me the most. Your work has insipired my final piece greatly and id love to know a bit of bio about you such as, Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? What insipired you to do fashion? and what techniques do you use?

    Many thanks, looking forward to hearing from you

    Lauren Morrison.

  7. lorry kennedy says:

    Hi Justine, I teach at ACCD in the ENV department. I also sew, and am cleaning house. If you want some supplies for your class or your own use, let me know where I can bring you some new materials.
    Thanks Lorry

  8. Jeannette Yee says:

    Hi Justine. Several years ago I acquired a batch of scraps of your shibori pieces. I am a weaver and have used them very effectively to embellish scarves. Sadly I have only a few left and would love to acquire more. Is it possible to purchase shibore scraps. I’d be thrilled if you said yes. BTW your blog is wonderful. Such a display of talent. Thanks for the consideration. Jeannette

    • HI Jeannette, unfortunately I no longer have any of those scraps. I am now the Director of the Sewing Lab at ArtCenter and donated all of those scraps. I looked today and there aren’t any left. Glad you like my Blog. Justine

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