Alaska: More Totems & Tools

Lots of information here that I collected from our trip.  A couple of sources: Juneau, Icy Strait Point & Hoonah, Ketchikan, Vancouver museums.  Totems are actually Genealogy statements, not religious icons.

Adze – a cutting tool somewhat like an axe dates back to the stone age.  The older ones used in Alaska would have been bone or stone, later metal.

The tools on the left are from the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology

The tools in the middle and right are modern and used by the guy in the video

Point to the image to see the credit on images above

Vancouver – Stanley Park, Museum of Anthropology, Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art.        Alaska – village of Hoonah, Icy Strait Point




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Alaska: last day at sea

Tombow pens and waterbrushEC40173E-0176-48FF-84DA-0C7B7E61F5F5Cruising the inside passage


Final spectacular  sunset at sea

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Alaska: Ketchikan

A misty rainy day in Ketchikan  Two great little museums.  One with 200 year old totems.  Totem Heritage Museum.  They even have classes and workshops on various craft making- carving, weaving, etc…

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Alaska: Art & Formline


Amazing design motifs they call FORMLINE

these are modern from Juneau Museum







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Alaska: Totems

incredible totems in Icy Strait Pt and the village of Hoonah.  Also totem carving in Juneau


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Alaska: cruising life

Days 1-2

on board the Celebrity Infinity.

Painting from the stern deck, from our cabin veranda, in the lounges. Unlimited drink package 🍸

Tombow pens and waterbrush

5819B205-48C6-4A7F-948A-E250AD21768BFLYING INTO VANCOUVER

Flying over Mt St HELEN


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Alaska: Glaciers


We came within 1/2 mile of Hubbard Glacier and Valerie Glacier

the bluer images are Hubbard.  Amazing color of aqua blue.  30 stories high

the darker one is Valerie or what is left of it

In Juneau now so I will post more this afternoon. Enjoy.  All are Tombow pens and waterbrush on watercolor sketch pad.

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