Painting Tuscan Landscape Curtains

If you can’t have the view you want…paint one.

These are curtains on my kitchen windows.  The windows are old louvered windows that let cold air in.  So since there is only a view of the house next door, I decided I needed a better view.  To act as insulation, I put 3 layers of high loft batting in the window with the screen over to hold it flat. These two curtains were painted as one whole piece, then cut to fit into the two windows. They hang from a tension rod at the top of each window.


When I was in my 20s I stayed in the Tuscany area for 3 months.  This sketch from that time was the main inspiration for these curtains.  The village on the hill is San Gimignano, which I visited.  The house on the right curtain is very similar to the one the family I was staying with lived in.

6- img_9069

The curtains are hand painted as one big piece, on organza with metallic textile paint.  I started by making a large drawing on butcher paper with waterproof marker.  I then drew with that same marker (Copic Brush Point) in light quick lines directly onto the organza. I covered my work table with a large piece of plastic but put paper towels directly under the area I was painting to be able to control the excess water from the painting process.  I use Jacquard Metallic Textile paints and soft round large brushes to paint.  I start with the sky and clouds first, then work my way to the darker more detailed areas.  I work from light to dark value.


Because the batting lets in light, the curtains change color at different times of the day.

DAWN – window light and kitchen lights

MID-DAY – window light and kitchen lights


About Justine Limpus Parish

Associate Professor - Art Center College of Design apparel design - Product Design Dept. costume design - Entertainment Design Dept Fashion Instructor: Mt San Antonio College Workshop instructor: Disney Consumer Products
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  1. Susan D Schumacher says:

    So beautiful!

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