A Side Trip to Budapest

In 1991, 2 years after the Berlin Wall came down, Tom and I were able to travel to Budapest as part of a 3 month journey in a camper van – from London to Budapest and back.  We were able to visit our lovely friends then and had stayed in touch ever since.  24 years later, we were able to take a 4 day trip to Budapest from Berlin to see them again.  It was as though we never left… happy times again!

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The Bacsy's & Szabo's

The Bacsy’s & Szabo’s

Gabor Szabo comes from a long line of artists – his grandfather was a famous portrait painter.  His father was a sculptor, Gabor is a bronze sculptor and his son, Adam Szabo, is a sculptor in a new tradition, combining traditional sculpture methods with video and installation. His daughter Zsofi is also an artist and teacher.  His wife Marianne is an economist and fabulous cook.

Erno and Judit Bacsy are our other friends.  Erno is a bio-chemist and was head of the Institute in Budapest (similar to our NIH)  and Judit is an art historian and author/expert on Hungarian tapestry.

Budapest is an amazingly ornate city.  Most of it was built in the 19th Century with the Buda side of the river being the oldest.  The East and the West pretty much meet here.  The Romans and later Western tribes got as far as the Buda side of the Danube with the Turks and the Eastern tribes stopping on the Pest side….hence the name BUDAPEST.


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One Response to A Side Trip to Budapest

  1. dominicgomez says:

    The artist Gabor Szabo just coincidentally having the same name as the jazz guitarist Gabor Szabo? (Thanks for sharing!)

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