More 30 Second Sketches

Here are some more of the quick sketch demonstrations.  These are from my class at Art Center College of Design.  They are all drawn direct from a costumed model. 

60's Inspired Quick Sketches

Once you get the basic gesture down, basic shape and form language are everything…no shading, no rendering.
Check out the previous post on THE 30 SECOND SKETCH for a body template you can use.

About Justine Limpus Parish

Associate Professor - Art Center College of Design apparel design - Product Design Dept. costume design - Entertainment Design Dept Fashion Instructor: Mt San Antonio College Workshop instructor: Disney Consumer Products
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2 Responses to More 30 Second Sketches

  1. Nuha says:

    Hey, do you have any of the orange sketches that are facing forwards?

    Thank you – nice blog by the way 🙂


  2. Thanks. I am working on an e-book of these kind of drawings…should be done soon. I will post an anouncement.

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