Making a Double Head Zipper

This is for my students at Art Center College of Design, Product Design Dept.  If you want to know how to transform a regular separating zipper into a double headed zipper so you can use it to make backpacks and such…read on.  This zipper will open IN THE MIDDLE.

This was figured out by one of my talented students, Andrew Lee.  You will need TWO matching  zipper heads to do this.  Get the second from another zipper.

Top of separating Zipper

1. Remove the stopper from the top of the zipper and trim the Triangle piece down with an x-acto knife so it is flat. Remove the zipper head from that end.  Zipper should remain CLOSED. 

2. Trim the little square point off the separating end with an x-acto knife. 

Separating End

3. Feed first head – Facing so zipper opens to separating end

Feed from Separating End

4. Feed second head – Facing opposite direction.

5. Zipper should remain closed behind second head

6. COMPLETED ZIPPER – Zippers should open in the center as heads are pulled apart.


About Justine Limpus Parish

Associate Professor - Art Center College of Design apparel design - Product Design Dept. costume design - Entertainment Design Dept Fashion Instructor: Mt San Antonio College Workshop instructor: Disney Consumer Products
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6 Responses to Making a Double Head Zipper

  1. Thank you! I need this and it just saved me $10 a zipper!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this, it was so easy to do, and saved me having to look for centre closing zipper for my sewing machine bag.

  3. Sheryl B says:

    This was EXTRA helpful! Thank you for posting!

  4. Bonnie in Seattle says:

    Don’t suppose this would work for opening at the top or the bottom? does it only open in the middle? I want to convert a jacket 1-way zipper to one that opens either from the top or bottom.

  5. Gretchen says:

    Cool, this will totally save having to look around for double slide zippers in store!

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