Inspirations: Peacock Feathers

Organza Peacock Coat

Since my inspirations come from so many places I decided to do a series on just that – INSPIRATION.  So this first Post is on an inspiration I have used many times…peacock feathers.  Be sure to check back for more posts on Inspirations, from organic to architectural to automotive. 

From my love of Art Nouveau to my many visits to the LA Arboretum where peacocks abound, I have come to appreciate the color, pattern and elegant form language of this elegant bird. 


This coat is a hand pleated organza coat that I am now hand painting bottom borders on.  I use metallic textile paint for the peacock feathers at the hem and also the painted ridges of the pleats.   The template is a laser print (which is waterproof), with a clear plastic protector over the top.

The images below show the black line template under the organza.  I need to lift the fabric up to paint so it doesn’t stick to the template and distort the paint.

organza over templatepeacock template under plastic sheet

The Organza Peacock Coat is available at Spirit of the Earth in Santa Fe, NM and will be in the Signatures Fashion Show November 7 at the Palos Verdes Art Center, CA.

Painting Peacock Feather

About Justine Limpus Parish

Associate Professor - Art Center College of Design apparel design - Product Design Dept. costume design - Entertainment Design Dept Fashion Instructor: Mt San Antonio College Workshop instructor: Disney Consumer Products
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2 Responses to Inspirations: Peacock Feathers

  1. Hello –

    I just had the honor of seeing your work in the latest issue of Belle Amoire. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to check out your blog as well. I absolutely love what your are doing with the organza coat. Peacock feathers have always been a favorite of my mother and that has past on to me.

    I look forward to seeing more of your writings on Inspiration. Thank you for sharing.


  2. prakash says:

    very good

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